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The iCare Library is an affordable custom bereavement benefit that strengthens your funeral service offerings and lifts up grieving communities. Featuring exclusive content by leading educators Dr. Bob Baugher, Dave Roberts, L.M.S.W., Lynda Cheldelin Fell & Linda Findlay, scroll down to view library contents.
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Renowned grief educator Dr. Bob Baugher has taught psychology and death education courses in Seattle for more than 40 years. The author of seven books, he’s served as the national advisor to The Compassionate Friends organization for more than 30 years, given more than 800 workshops, and trained over 1,000 people in suicide intervention. The iCare Library is the exclusive curator of Dr. Bob’s work.


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Designed to nourish your emotional, physical and spiritual needs after loss, the iCare Library is open 24/7. Visit as often as you need for articles, videos, and more that speak to your grief. Have questions or need help? Contact ABC Funeral Home at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Join us the second Tuesday of every month at 4 pm eastern for a virtual support group. Held via Zoom, it’s free and everyone is welcome.

2nd Tuesday of every month

4 pm eastern


Designed to be read at 1, 3, 6 and 11 months during the first year of grief, the iCare series is helpful any time and can be re-read when needed. Begin by clicking any book you would like to read.

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iCare Library


Authored by grief educators Dr. Bob Baugher, Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Linda Findlay, and Dave Roberts, L.M.S.W.
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Grief Emotions

  • Common feelings
  • Controlling stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Guilt
  • Regret and guilt
  • Hidden anger
  • How to safely process anger
  • Dip into denial
  • Guilt—it’s what our brain does
  • To cry or not to cry
  • Anger quotes
  • Why can’t I cry?
  • Why some of us cry and some of us can’t

General Loss

  • Coping with isolation
  • Insomnia after loss
  • Tips for Work
  • Coping with the holidays
  • Playbook of hope
  • Dealing with triggers
  • Ending it – sometimes you want to, but don’t
  • 6 tricks your brain plays during grief
  • Does grief ever really go away? Part 1
  • Does grief ever really go away? Part 2
  • Grief makes a promise
  • Wallowing through muck
  • Getting hope back
  • How hope changes
  • Aren’t you over it?
  • The cruel trick of grief
  • Do the principles of The Secret apply to grief?
  • How memories promote transformation
  • Lessons in gratitude
  • When I became a photograph
  • As we close
  • Companions
  • Empowerment
  • Give joy
  • God’s script
  • Grief & medication
  • Grief work & boundaries
  • Life Quality Inventory Checklist
  • Photo album of my mind
  • Please listen
  • Reconciliation of grief
  • Reconciliation
  • See me through my tears
  • Shoulds or should nots
  • Spiritual journaling
  • The family meeting
  • The holidays
  • What I need
  • What now?
  • You and I
  • Proxy grief
  • Stuffing stuffed animals eases grief
  • When Tom left, I cried
  • Let’s say goodbye to goodbye
  • Keeping memories fresh
  • Another day believing I will feel this way forever
  • Grief is more than just boo-hooing
  • Empathy and brain pain relief
  • Grief’s strange thoughts
  • How our brain tries to manage the pain of grief
  • Pain, how much can you take?
  • A pill for your grief
  • Trying to make sense of a tragedy
  • What does it meal to deal with it?
  • Your secret grief
  • Everything happens for a reason, doesn’t it?
  • Words and phrases we shared with our loved ones
  • In the midst of a pandemic
  • Reflections about a woman named J

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Therapeutic modalities

  • Self care plan for the bereaved
  • Sensorial therapy
  • Chromotherapy
  • Laugh therapy
  • Forest therapy
  • Hug therapy
  • Dance/movement therapy

Spousal Loss

  • Self care plan for widows
  • How women change since the death of their husbands
  • Helpful comments from adult children to their widowed mothers
  • The young widow

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Child loss

  • From Despair to Hope
  • Do bereaved parents have higher death rates?
  • I don’t care how long it’s been, can we talk about my child?
  • Should I keep my changing grief a secret?
  • 7 important lessons I learned from bereaved parents
  • Bereaved parents coping with hatred
  • The unexplained death of a child
  • For my compassionate friends
  • Marriage after death of a child
  • The Wailing Tent
  • He talked about his son and I didn’t see a tear

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Sibling loss

  • Sibling survivor guilt
  • But you did
  • Something’s wrong with my child

Grieving men

  • Men in pain
  • Do men really cry less than women?
  • 15 things not to say to a bereaved man

Parent loss

  • The death of my father

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Coping with holidays

  • The holidays
  • Coping with the holidays
  • Holiday tips for supporters

Sleep & dreams

  • Insomnia after loss
  • Dream facts
  • Got sleep? No? Then this is for you
  • Understanding nightmares

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Public reactions

  • How long should grief last?
  • How to make a person grieve forever
  • I didn’t want to mention his son
  • I can’t stand your grief
  • Let’s do a quick memorial and get some closure
  • Prejudice & discrimination, part 1
  • Prejudice & discrimination, part 2
  • They care, but they’re waiting for you to heal
  • When others minimize our grief
  • Why they think they know what’s good for you
  • Griefhaven, the perfect place to grieve

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For supporters

  • How you can help
  • What to say
  • Self care tips for supporters
  • Holiday tips for supporters
  • Has a bereaved parent ever said this to you?
  • 7 mistakes I made with a friend in grief
  • The one person who doesn’t rationalize or deny our grief
  • Coping with the holidays
  • Using the coronavirus as a teachable moment
  • A glimpse into next year
  • 8 suggestions for working with the bereaved

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